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Become the protagonist of your own movie

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Raehab’s goal is to create a community of women who can support each other by sharing their history and experience. 

Contribute to this platform by writing content that can be supportive for all those women who are experiencing difficult situations.

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About us


Raehab is a rehabilitation journey from a past from Rahab to a royal lineage. It is a place to learn and share our experiences and emotions. 

The goal is to create a contagious community of pure sisterhood and become the absolute star of the movie of your life. 


Raehab’s mission is to support and trust all those women and girls who have been victims of the trauma of abuse and violence.

Raehab aims to encourage those women who have not yet achieved the awareness of being unique and priceless masterpieces, desired by God.


Regardless our pasted experiences, race, culture, we as women we need to live our lives fully. We should give us the chance to enjoin our own incredible movie.

Raehab is the platform where you can be the best version of yourself every day, draing other women to do the same. 

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